Issue 4 - Still in Production

A whole bunch of stuff (mostly uninteresting, non-arty and non-Scottish) happened since the last time we posted here...but that doesn't mean that Lochglen issue 4 isn't progressing well. It's come off the backburner and Chaz is busily working on brand new pages right now (well, not right now, since he's writing this blog post...). And here's a few samples of recent finished pages and art just to prove it! Aiming for completion by the end of the year or early 2016, and then we'll be gearing up for the final, concluding issue - which may well prove to be a bumper size edition. More news soon!

Issue 4 is Now in Production!

Aye, it's been a few years since anything has occurred in Lochglen land (just over 3 in fact) - other projects and important client works having served to grind production to a halt - but fear ye not, Ish 4 is noo well underway with a plot that's thickening more than an abandoned pot o' Scotch broth, ye ken.

We can promise smouldering passion, dark drama, surreal comedy and a literally explosive cliffhanger climax once this one gets wound up, which ought to be later this very year. Half a dozen pages are already in the bag thanks to some sporadic work since Ish 3 was released, and we'll keep ye posted with progress as it comes along.

In the meantime, here's a wee taster of the brand new work which Chaz is producing right this very moment.


'Sword of Lochglen' Issue 3 finally arrives!

It took a while, but Chaz & Frang at Fenriswulf Books are happy (and relieved) to announce that Issue 3 of the Scottish comedy/drama series is now out there in print format.

We'll be putting copies into George Cordeiro's 'Black Hole' comic shop n Dundee as soon as Chaz has received the first batch, but in the meantime you can buy it right here exclusively for the special price o' £1.99 from this very page (if you look to your right...)

Issue 3 is in the Pipeline

After a hiatus of over a year (personal projects and lots of commission work took their toll), the 'Sword' is set to return in early 2012 with issue 3, which is now more than half-way complete. Chaz also needed some time out to edit the tangled, complex script but the series is definitely back on track again.

More news and updates here, and at Fenriswulf Books when it comes.

Check the Cover art gallery page here for latest on the Issue 3 cover art.

By Way of an Introduction...

Scotland, 1933... Recently ensconced at St. Saviours' University, young William Stanley MacFaddyen has desires to become a romantic poet, an author of historical adventure novels, and above all, a successful student. Unfortunately, Robert Burns' views on the "best laid plans of mice and men" soon prove to be correct. Starting badly when the puritanical dean of St. Saviours', MacKillick, orders him to cut his flowing hair, things quickly start to run out of control. Trying to escape reality by retreating into the world of his own novel, "The Sword of Lochglen", the two worlds of fact and fiction collide. And when he is introduced to St. Saviours' newly-arrived first lady lecturer, Dr. Jean MacKenzie, life becomes very complicated indeed...

This comic series is recommended for mature readers only (or at least native Scots with a hardy constitution). Contains some Scottish dialect language which may be incomprehensible to non-natives (however, handy subtitles are provided when required).

The cast of characters