Behind the Scenes: Sketches and Concept art

There follows some exclusive 'behind the scenes' works from the Sword of Lochglen series...

Chaz's development sketches of 'Marianne', the French femme fatale who features in Issue 3.

Original sketch of the Hogmany party crowd for Issue 2. Dr. Latimer, MacFaddyen's dreaded teacher of Old English, spouts a quote from Beowulf on the far right.

 Mrs. MacKenzie concept portrait sketch.

From sketch to printed page: side-by-side art development from a panel in Issue 1.

Original inspiration for the mythical 'Lochglen' character - painting by Frang.

From Chaz to Frang: pencil sketch of the first appearance of the Lochglen character, originally by Chaz, final inked version by Frang.

Full colour historical page by Frang. One day, all the historical fantasy sequences will be produced in full colour - while the 'real world' panels will stay in black and white, rather like the Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, the cost of producing this is currently prohibitive. When the series is complete, we may do this as a limited edition graphic novel.

A frisky Mrs. MacKenzie in seduction mode, tastefully veiled by cigarette smoke - an unused inked panel from Issue 2.

Patterson and MacFaddyen: final pencil works from forthcoming Issue 3.

Pencil concept sketch of Rose from Issue 1, the owner of MacFaddyen's favourite tea shop - who just happens to bear a resemblance to a certain very famous Swedish movie star of the '30s.