Issue 4 is Now in Production!

Aye, it's been a few years since anything has occurred in Lochglen land (just over 3 in fact) - other projects and important client works having served to grind production to a halt - but fear ye not, Ish 4 is noo well underway with a plot that's thickening more than an abandoned pot o' Scotch broth, ye ken.

We can promise smouldering passion, dark drama, surreal comedy and a literally explosive cliffhanger climax once this one gets wound up, which ought to be later this very year. Half a dozen pages are already in the bag thanks to some sporadic work since Ish 3 was released, and we'll keep ye posted with progress as it comes along.

In the meantime, here's a wee taster of the brand new work which Chaz is producing right this very moment.